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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Welcome Readers!

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If you are reading this post, I thank you! For one, you have navigated the stormy seas of the internet to visit me. For two, you must of liked my story enough to search me out and see what else I'm up to. I am honored by your intrigue.

As a new author, I wanted to add a blog to my website to give you updates, my progress and maybe just a laugh or two. I've been an avid reader for many years. I've started many stories never to finish them. Then this year, I came to the conclusion that what was hindering me from finishing was fear. Fear of failure. Of everyone hating my stories, pointing out the flaws, and dashing my dream of becoming an author.

No more! I've taken on my dream with new vigor. Life is too short to allow your dreams to pass you by. I am happy to share my dream with you reader. So let's start this journey together and see what crazy worlds, characters, and stories are created!

My Current Story- The Catalyst

The Blurb--Annabelle Sweeting has come to London. Set in a Steampunk world, a country girl with a quirk for gears and fashion makes her way through the busy streets in the hopes of discovering herself. What she does discover, however, are two dashing men vying for her attention, an unexpected series of murders, and an underestimated talent for being in the middle of it all. Can she navigate her way through the haughty ton, help the handsome Constable solve the murders, and not get killed herself?

The Backstory-- I've had this story in my head for about 5 years before I decided to really go for it. I am really proud of what I've been able to accomplish on Kindle Vella, and I am hoping to have this published to ebook and paperback early Spring of this year. I love Steampunk and find the culture romantic and aesthetically gorgeous. I am a sucker for a strong female lead, so of course my story has one. Full of fire and sass. The best kind in my opinion.

The Future

Heat Stroke--This new story is in progress as well.

The Blurb--Cynthia Dalton is trying to save the planet. The devastating effects of global warming have finally hit the tipping point and now it's a race against time to reverse it. She will take heat from her boss, the constant erratic weather and maybe just maybe the handsome new Samson Everett. He's come to lend aid to the American sector based in Wisconsin. Can these two find a remedy for the scorching heat in time, and maybe a little heat of their own? Someone's bound to get burned.

Sway of the Sun--This will be a paranormal romance entangled with Greek mythology. Keep checking back for more updates!

In Conclusion-- I am super excited for the future! I hope you stick with me and enjoy the stories I create!

Happy Sleuthing!!

LK Billips

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