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Who Wants Free Stuff? Billips' Banter Weekly

Prequel for The Catalyst out now!

The past few weeks have been like a roller coaster for sure. I succumbed to a pretty bad virus for a week, I felt overwhelmed by the newsletter/campaign world, and I just doubted myself. After a pep talk from my 10 year old daughter, I realized I have gotten a lot farther than others that left their dreams crash and burn by the wayside. She said, "You can't give up now, you're so close!"

I feel you Dani. So here I am, blogging some exciting news and just glad I kept pressing on. I will be sending out a Newsletter on Friday the 11th. I signed up for Story Origin and am doing my first Newsletter swap to hopefully get some interest generated in my stories. I am offering a free prequel to The Catalyst that tells the back story of Mr. Jaime Nethersby, Annabelle's cousin. This is a Newsletter subscriber exclusive! Click the button below to get the link!

What I've learned in the Indie Writing World

I have read tons of blogs/posts regarding newsletters and their importance to a self-publishing author. One main component to a newsletter is being able to offer your reader's bonus material, free stories, etc. In order to entice more readers a program such as #StoryOrigin is crucial. You can network with other authors, swap newsletters (meaning you give them a mention in your newsletter and they do the same for you with links to your work or free material), you can also join group promos in your genre. I haven't dabbled with that yet, I am just doing my first swap this week and hoping to pick up some more interested readers. I am also getting my main story, The Catalyst, ready for publication. I am going through Amazon for my ebook. I have it set to pre-order so their is no backing out now! I am releasing the ebook and paperback on April 4th, 2022!

I've found that all this marketing and posting has taken away from me actually being able to write my current stuff. Fine tuning and editing are a whole other beast, but I am lucky to have some friends with keen eyes to help me. In the future, if there is success, I believe I will get an editor, but for now I feel what I am doing is staying in my lane, and not of pocket too much.

If you want to be included in my newsletters be sure to subscribe to this site, or just follow the link to the free prequel and sign up that way. Thanks for all your support and #happysleuthing

LK Billips

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