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Billips' Weekly Banter- 2-19-22

Happy weekend friends! It has been a long week balancing my current full time job, being a mother and wife, and chasing that indie dream. Weather has been crazy here in Wisconsin the past few days. One day it was 57 degrees, and then the next we have a winter squall warning!

I've been slow but steadily uploading new episodes each week on my current Vella, Sway of the Sun. I've also been working with some great people that are helping me proofread and edit my finished novel, The Catalyst. I am going to be releasing that via Amazon on March 14th!

Update on ISBNs: So, after a little more research I discovered that you don't necessarily need on for an ebook. Most sites give your story an identification number strictly for their site, so doubling up would be costly and redundant. I am, however, going to stick with getting my own ISBNs from #Bowkers for the paperback version. By getting my own that allows me to not only sell through Amazon but have the same ID for libraries, stores, and other venues.

I plan to finish up my reader's magnet of The Catalyst prequel, and hopefully get that out in my next newsletter. It will be a short story showing the origins of Jaime Nethersby and Annabelle's friendship. I was also thinking about doing a few bonus drawings of some of Annabelle's gizmos, and maybe one of Purgatorio! I hope you are having a great day, wherever you are in the world. Remember to be kind! #happysleuthing

LK Billips

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