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Billips' Banter Weekly- Feeling Lucky?

Happy St. Patty's Day! Another great thing about today is it's my daughter's 11th birthday! She is warm, kind, creative, and smart. She helps others, makes me laugh, and isn't afraid to try new things. I am glad that I can show her that no matter your dream, it's never to late to pursue it. I wish Hogwarts was real and that she could go, she is sooo obsessed! She loves to read and write her own stories, and comics. She is always creating something and I love it!

What's going on in LK Billips land?

I've been working hard on doing the final edit on The Catalyst so it is ready for release on April 4th! I did my first newsletter swap through #storyorigin with great success. I started with 7 subscribers and am now up to 36! Pretty excited to feel the momentum starting to build. I have been horrible on keeping up with my episodes on #kindlevella and I feel like a loser. Things just seem to pile up and if I want to make something work another thing must suffer for a bit. So the story goes. :) I am trying not to burn too brightly now, and fizzle out.

Another exciting development is my new participation in #tiktok. I have read numerous articles and posts regarding authors on there for #booktok, so I thought I would throw my virtual hat in the ring. You can find me @lkbillips. I am not sure how often I will post, but I will try to do something at least weekly. I think the hardest thing so far regarding self-publishing is the marketing. Social media is a time sucker, but it is also kind of fun seeing the creativity other authors and fans come up with. It doesn't leave much time for writing though! I am going to work hard to come up with a better schedule and stick to it. I will detail my findings here as it evolves. What do you do to keep yourself on schedule? Let me know in the comments. #happysleuthing

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