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LK Billips

LK Billips (born April 1983 in the United States) is the author of The Catalyst, Heat Stroke and Sway of the Sun on the serialized Kindle Vella, Ebook, and paperback. She writes in the steampunk fantasy and paranormal romance, and extreme weather genres. She is working her way through the self-publishing world in her quest to become a successful author.


LK Billips is new to her writing career but has been reading and sharing stories since she was a kid. Perhaps it was inevitable that she would call grappling with words and language a career—and loving every moment. She is hopeful for the future and wants to share her work with a large and welcoming audience. Follow her blog or subscribe below to discover more about her work, writing process and future endeavors.


The Catalyst

Available now in Paperback and Ebook!!!

LK Billips is extremely proud and excited to share her latest work The Catalyst. It is available on Kindle Vella as a serialized story, or as an Ebook and now paperback!  This is her debut novel and it was released on 4-4-22.  Go to the Books tab for links!

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Heat Stroke

Current to Fall 2023

This new story by LK Billips is definitely relevant in our current state of environmental crisis. The project is currently still in progress through Kindle Vella. It is a romantic thriller that revolves around a worst case scenario of the world overheating, and the team that is working to save it.  I hope to have this completed and published to ebook and paperback by Fall of 2023.

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Sway of the Sun

Current to Fall 2023

LK Billips has been working on this idea for several years. Sway of the Sun mixes her love of Greek mythology and paranormal romance. Can you say shifters?  The project is currently still in progress through Kindle Vella, but it will be available through ebook and paperback late 2023. She is releasing the first episodes on this one February 1st, 2022 and plans to release 1-2 episodes weekly.  Subscribe below so you don't miss any developments!

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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